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Honda XLX 250R

$ 581

Honda XLX 250R  for Sale
Honda XLX 250R  for SaleHonda XLX 250R  for Sale
Date of Manufacture:04/1984
For sale by:Private seller
Type:Enduro, Supermoto (Road Legal)
Drive Type:Chain
Start Type:Kick start
Engine Capacity (cc):250
Gears:Five-speed manual
Seller Notes:“fair to good”
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Hi for sale one 1984 XLX250R bike runs and rides great could do with tank respray if your fussy as paint job bit rough other than that its quite neat and tidy twin carby model thanks for looking check photo's 

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must be picked up and payed for within seven days 

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Sale price: $ 581
Motorcycle location: Laanecoorie /VIC, Australia
Last update: 12.04.2018
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Honda XLX 250R
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