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Honda XR200 1981 twin shock

$ 1546

For sale by:Private seller
Product Type:Trail Bikes

Seller Description

Honda XR200 April 1981 build, twin shock.
I have partly restored this lovely old Honda. Since my one and only
ride at Sunny Corner in 2016 it really has just sat in the shed.
While I have a soft spot for this old girl I have other bike projects
that are not getting done as I have no room.
This bike has had work done to the motor as follows;
Engine disassembled and case
cleaned internally
New main bearings because
they are easy to install and it was apart anyway
Crank was checked for big end free
play and also little end wear and the crank was good. No wear was found so it was reused as is.
Rebored and new Nakamura
piston installed (1st oversize 0.5mm I think) as the bore did need some
tiny marks clearing up and the original piston was well used
New crankshaft camchain
drive sprocket installed again because it was apart and the original one
did have some wear
New Honda cam chain and top
cam sprocket
New genuine Honda XR200 cam
New valve guides installed
and honed and both inlet and exhaust valves are new with new stem seals of
Valves springs checked for
free spring length and found to be just below what new springs would be so
these were re-used with new collets.
The motor runs extremely
quietly, shifts through all gears smoothly and finds neutral while idling
with no problem as would be expected.
The oil rotor (Filtering
system) was disassembled and cleaned thoroughly.
The original Keihan PD28
carburetor was stripped, cleaned and had all jets replaced with an XR200
kit fromHONDA XR200
which runs 35 pilot and 115 main jet and this seems to run very well. Carby is original, not a cheap Chinese knock off.
The bike itself has many original options that are really very
hard to find, some of these are
RHS side cover, these are
like gold hens teeth (and if you are not old school this means F%^CKING
impossible to find).
XR200 seat (shorter than
Complete and original
exhaust from front to back and this is very very quiet and could be
replaced for better flow and more power.
Tool bag and original tool
bag base (note zipper needs replacing as its starting to perish.
Period correct rebuilt XR200
speedo (no neutral light and no Hi beam indicator on these XR units just the blinker light on the dash and I have used LED globes to back
light the speedo and as the "parking light" in the headlight to
reduce power used, as the std. headlights need all the help they can get
Brand new
"Stanley" brand headlight with replaceable globe (not the sealed
beam set up they had in the US)
Original fuel tank (yes it
has dings I know) has been acid cleaned inside and sealed so its
absolutely spotless inside, no rust whatsoever.Original Honda XR200 rear shocks with red centres not XL185 units and not chinese.
Information about Honda for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Honda

Replica, aftermarket or not original parts
Handlebars new
Indicators front and back
are KTM replicas as the original Honda ones are so easily damaged, weigh a
ton and cost a fortune if you can find them
LHS handlebar switch replica
of original
Rear tail light again
replica of original.
Nearly brand new tyres, and
520 chains and sprockets (1 days riding old only)
Sad to see her go and I am not going to give her away as you can see
there has been substantial mechanical work done
Happy for anybody to take her for a spin you just need to leave a valid
license with me, not a photograph of one or a picture on your phone, your
real license .
Cash on pick up or PAYPAL or direct money transfer but the bike doesn't
leave my possession until funds are fully cleared no exceptions......period.
Scammers with sons at remote mine sites/studying/or temporarily overseas
that want transport companies to pick the bikes up wanting me to pay anything
for transport and then you'll pay me back, DONT CALL you are wasting honest
peoples precious oxygen, please stop breathing !!.
Happy to answer any questions you may have, bike is located in Lawson in the Blue Mountains just 1/2 hour from Penrith.

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Item Information

Item ID: 224777
Sale price: $ 1546
Motorcycle location: Lawson, New South Wales, Australia
Last update: 15.07.2021
Views: 6
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Honda XR200 1981 twin shock
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