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Used Husqvarna cr 500 Twinshock CR500

Type:Motorcross (off-road)
Additional Information:Twin-shock
Engine Size:500
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Seller Description

Husqvarna cr500, unfinished project
Was to be a loose replica of a 82 silver streak, 1983 cr 500 engine (I’m told the 82 & 83 500 are same number).
Been sitting for many years, so have decided due to lack of space and motivation to sell. Loosely put together for photos. Selling as a non runner as Engine was all checked & anything replaced that was needed by Moto Medic in Suffolk, but has then sat in a box for 4 ish plus years(occasional bits borrowed for other race bikes) so not being 100% it will really need stripping and rechecking before use. It’s all free and turns over, but I’m selling as non running, spares or repair.
Powder coated frame, swing arm etc, tank sprayed and evo mx chrome tank stickers.
Shocks have been serviced, but need new rubbers and fittings.
Viewing possible, but will need time to get out of container. I’m not sure what it’s worth and unless I get a crazy offer, I’ll let the auction run. PX possible for trials bike

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Item Information

Item ID: 214081
Motorcycle location: Brentwood, United Kingdom
Last update: 8.05.2021
Views: 176
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Husqvarna cr 500 Twinshock CR500
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