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Used Husqvarna FC450. new supermoto build.

Modified Item:Yes
Engine Size:450
Start Type:Electric start
MOT Expiry Date:202100
Type:Enduro/Supermoto (road legal)
V5 Registration Document:Present
Date of 1st Registration:20210414
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Seller Description

Husqvarna FC450. Brand new, road registered supermoto build. 0 miles 0.0 hours. Registered April 2021 with 6 months MOT. SM Pro fluorescent/ sky blue fade ceramic coated wheels with new tyres. Arrow carbon tipped exhaust. LED headlight, indicators and rear light. 15 tooth front sprocket with 42 tooth rear sprocket. New cosmic brake disks front and rear. FS450 hand guards, FE450 dashboard/speedo, side stand and wing mirrors. Currently unfinished, build completion 1st June, delivery or collection anytime after. More images to follow.

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Item Information

Item ID: 218585
Motorcycle location: Huntingdon, United Kingdom
Last update: 6.06.2021
Views: 104
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Husqvarna FC450. new supermoto build.
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