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Used Husqvarna WR390 Twinshock Enduro 1979

Additional Information:Twin-shock
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Seller Description

Husqvarna WR390 Twinshock Enduro 1979 I bought this bike about five years ago it was rebuilt in early 2019 with the sole intention of doing a vintage enduro which is why I didn’t bother with it’s aesthetic issues.Engine fully rebuilt: rebore new Wossner piston,conrod kit,all bearings replaced crank and gearbox,new clutch plates,new kickstart shaft,new carb rubbers,new exhaust front pipe,steering head bearings,new chain/sprocket kit plus chain slipper,forks rebuilt,new tyres/tubes,HVA Factory footrests.I may have forgotten something.In doing the work listed above my aim was to make this 40 plus year old competition bike as reliable as possible.I entered an enduro with the North East Vinduro Club in June 2019 where I completed both races on that weekend.

The bike has not been used since then but it still starts/runs I am 60 years old now and am thinking my enduro days are over which is why I’m listing the bike.If someone was interested in doing a cosmetic restoration it still has it’s original lights,Ohlins shocks and fuel tank is solid doesn’t leak and is quite clean inside.I do have some spares but they are not included in this sale whoever wins the auction will have first shout on them if we can agree on a price,they include:An Electrex World ignition kit,Husky CR390 frame/swingarm,complete used exhaust,cylinder head,rear wheel,front forks/yokes. The original listing was ended early by eBay they weren’t happy with part of the title hopefully the auction will run to the end without problem this time.This is cash on collection auction I do not want any swops/part exchanges.

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Item Information

Item ID: 252751
Motorcycle location: Newcastle under Lyme , United Kingdom
Last update: 25.01.2022
Views: 143
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Husqvarna WR390 Twinshock Enduro 1979
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