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Husqvarna WR430 1988 Spares or Repair Barn Find Evo Vinduro Twinshock

Additional Information:Twin-shock
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Seller Description

For sale is another of my project bikes which I’ve had long enough and not done anything with.
Bought some years ago as a project and from what I can see is all there but for the crank, inner clutch basket and plates, and the original forks and yolk. The fork and yoke I have used on another project, I still have the original front wheel which will come with it. The missing items come up quite regularly on eBay or at auto jumbles.
The previous owner stripped the motor and sent the crank away to be refurbished and unfortunately it got lost in the post, he then lost interest eventually and sold it to me. I’ve had it now for at least 5 years and no nearer getting it sorted so time fit some else to give it a go. The forks and wheel on it now are from an 04 Husqvarna TE250 so a useful upgrade or can be sold to pay for the original type. Also good to know is the barrel is on standard bore and the piston looks in good condition also.

Overall this is a good source of spares or with some knowledge and perseverance could be put back to an original bike.
99p start auction and no reserve which will run to the end, no Buy it Now and I won’t end the auction early. Cash or bank draft on pick up from North Yorkshire or I can arrange delivery with a local courier at reasonable rates. ( please message me for a quote )I will require a 10% deposit 24 hours of the auction ending.

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Item Information

Item ID: 228659
Motorcycle location: Bedale, United Kingdom
Last update: 9.08.2021
Views: 28
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Husqvarna WR430 1988 Spares or Repair Barn Find Evo Vinduro Twinshock
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