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Used Immaculate Mitsubishi RVR Hyper Sports Gear R. 4G63T,AWD.evo,gtr,gts,wrx,gt,350z

Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller
:Immaculate Condition throughout for age
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Seller Description

These vehicles must hold 2 Automotive records for the worlds tuffest minivan and the longest model name....
Meet the Mitsubishi RVR Hyper Sports Gear R
Only in Japan!
These Hyper Sports Gear R Minivans were only ever produced for one year in 1997. They come in just white or black and are majority automatic built cars. They are a very rare JDM car and have a worldwide cult following.
The HSG R runs the Evo 3 running gear with the almighty 4G63T 2.0lt 16V DOHC Turbocharged engine and All Wheel Drive System making it one fun bus to drive..
They also have factory Recaro seats, huge Aero kit, sports instrumentation, FM Intercooler and more. They run a sliding passenger rear door with split folding, multi functional rear seats with ample storage everywhere.
This car retains almost all of its original paint in immaculate condition, with no dents or damage. It has travelled just 178,000km’s in 23 years, has excellent condition interior and a great running engine. It is a perfectJDM collectors car and is still reasonably cheap for it’s rarity.
The huge body kit and flares are all original and it only has the following tasteful bolt on mods... Genuine 3 piece 19” Volk Racing GTS alloy wheels, pod filter, adjustable boost controller, blow off valve,Apexi boost gauge and turbo timer, rear exhaust upgrade, Alpine head unit, Pioneer splits and is wired for sub and amp.
The RVR has been in Aus since 2007 and registered here for over a decade.
For many more detailed pics please visit.

Then contact me with any genuine inquiries..
Located Narre Warren North

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Item Information

Item ID: 193686
Car location: Narre Warren North, VIC, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 18.11.2020
Views: 924
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Immaculate Mitsubishi RVR Hyper Sports Gear R. 4G63T,AWD.evo,gtr,gts,wrx,gt,350z
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