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Used Indian 101 Scout 1928

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Seller Description

No V5, or Nova or title certificateI have built this bike up over the last 3 years from parts that I have had shipped over from the States.Started it up for the first time this morning so now time to pass the bike on to someone else.Genuine 28 motor with new flywheels and pistons. Rebuilt by myself using new bearings, parts etc.Front wheel is genuine 1928 clincher rim with new tyre.Frame. forks and bars are genuine 101 Scout.Rear hub and brake mechanism genuine with a new rim and tyre. New rear brake shoe.Seat and springs new. Rear mudguard is from a short Scout. Chain guard genuine. Tank is refurbished from the States.Spindles and brake rods stainlessFoot brake and clutch pedal genuine.Gear change lever genuineGenuine refurbished Splitdorf magnetoFoot boards new.Engine runs and gears all select.There is a handful of spares that will go with the bike.Any questions please call meNigel 07442 [hidden information]Bexhill on Sea

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Item Information

Item ID: 224547
Motorcycle location: Bexhill on Sea, United Kingdom
Last update: 14.07.2021
Views: 149
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Indian 101 Scout 1928
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