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Used 2019 Indian Scout Used Black

V5 Registration Document:Present
Previous owners (excl. current):1
Date of 1st Registration:20190801
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Seller Description

****Now sold **** Indian scout bobber in excellent mint condition with just 2003 miles , Matt black , extras fitted Vance and Hines slip ons ( very loud), led headlight, rubber fork boots , new bitwell grips and have had levers power coated black other than this it's all standard.
Bike is mint with no accidents, no finance never seen rain first service carried out at Moorespeed racing Indian dealership with the next due before 2, 500 miles which I will carry out at the main deearlef before the sale .
Genuine sale buyer will not be disappointed, no silly offers please.
Any questions please call me on [hidden information] or email,

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Item Information

Item ID: 212104
Motorcycle location: EASTLEIGH, United Kingdom
Last update: 25.04.2021
Views: 47
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2019 Indian Scout Used Black
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