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Used 2016 Indian Scout Used Black 1000L Manual Petrol

Modified Item:No
V5 Registration Document:Present
Start Type:Electric start
Engine Size:1000
Gears:Five-speed manual
Extra Features:Anti-Lock Brakes
Drive Type:Belt
Previous owners (excl. current):1
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Seller Description

Indian scout sixty1000ccOnly 9,140 milesBelt driveBraided brake hosesGloss black bars, foot pegs and tank capCurrently has retro black and silver number plate fitted, but still have original which will come with bikeFires first time, every timeVance and Hines pipes fitted that sound unbelievable!!!!I have known this bike from new as a family friend (who happens to be a mechanic himself) bought it from a dealership in 2016. I have owned it for about a year now however I haven’t really used it much ... have probably put a few hundred miles on at most, but has never let me down.
Has been extremely well looked after, As you can see this bike is so clean she is kept in my dining room for show.She Runs and rides beautifully and is definitely a head turner.
The bike currently out of MOT but will be sold with a new 12 month ticket (currently trying to book it in, but confident it will fly through)
A friend of mine owns a bike courier service so can delivery can be arranged at buyers cost if you wish.
Drop me a message if you have any questions.


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Item Information

Item ID: 215735
Motorcycle location: Bristol, United Kingdom
Last update: 19.05.2021
Views: 35
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2016 Indian Scout Used Black 1000L Manual Petrol
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