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Used indian scout motorcycle

Independent Vehicle Inspection:Yes
Start Type:Electric start
Engine Size:1200
Extra Features:Anti-Lock Brakes
MOT Expiry Date:202205
Drive Type:Belt
Metallic Paint:Yes
V5 Registration Document:Present
Number of Manual Gears:Six-speed
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Seller Description

all extras are genuine indian starting at the front of the bike pull back stainless steel bars quick release windshield forward foot pegs back rest passenger touring seat passenger foot pegs passenger back rest chrome rack touring bags genuine indian also spools to hold the bags in place all these accessories come to almost ВЈ4000 so the price of the bike complete is ВЈ10,000 that is the solid price i am asking no deals the reason now i have decided to sell this bike it as become to heavy for me i am well into my 70s now it is very sad

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Item Information

Item ID: 226329
Motorcycle location: kingswinford, United Kingdom
Last update: 27.07.2021
Views: 39
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indian scout motorcycle
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