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2015 Indian Scout Used Red 1200L Petrol For Sale

V5 Registration Document:Present
Start Type:Electric start
Extra Features:Anti-Lock Brakes
Engine Size:1200
Drive Type:Chain
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Seller Description

Here we have an opportunity to own one of the few Indian Trikes available brought to you by TrikesbyJPDesign.

We have been converting bikes to trikes for around 10 years now. With the sale of this trike as with all our trikes a percentage of our profits go to our charity partners "hugglepets in the community" who work with children and young adults with special needs or learning difficulties. Indian bikes are world renowned for there build quality and powerful engines. This is my own bike that I decided to trike. Have owned the bike 4 years. This 2015 model is an amazing machine that turns heads. Very powerful with a light weight aluminium frame. We have used a WWTS bolt on conversion which are made from 100% new parts precision made. WWTS are considered the best trike conversion on the market. Trike is in fantastic condition all paperwork for DVLA had been done. 12 months MOT. This trike is in my opinion the best original Indian colour red. The last few pics are of other trikes available. Check out our Facebook page TrikesbyJPDesign for more info (check out the posts) you tube video link we dont do finance I'm afraid. And plz no scams we have heard them all. Delivery anywhere in mainland uk can be arranged at buyers expense.

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Item Information

Item ID: 219010
Motorcycle location: Willenhall, United Kingdom
Last update: 8.06.2021
Views: 80
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2015 Indian Scout Used Red 1200L Petrol
Current customer rating: 4/5 based on 5670 customer reviews

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