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Jaguar: E-Type

$ 83333



The car has 5 new tires--The floor mats are all new--Brakes are new--Front shocks are new--Rear shocks are new--The torsion bars are new--The wheels are wire--The valves have all been reseated--The fuel pump is two years old--This car is in excellent shape--There is 46 thousand miles on the car--This car will do over 140 miles an hour(do not ask)--The colour is British Racing Green--We have the owners manual. The only accident the car has been in was someone backed into us in the mall parking lot--repairs have been done and the hood was repainted. The air conditioning does not work--bad switch--The top is in nice condition. Any other questions please ask. Phone 250 253 9454

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Sale price: $ 83333
Car location: Scotch Creek, British Columbia, Canada
Last update: 25.06.2019
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Jaguar: E-Type
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