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JAGUAR XJS 1977 V12 TWIN TURBO Race car - CAMS LOG BOOK- had a fire in back half

Date of Manufacture:197701
Modified Item:Yes
Engine Size (litre):5.3
Extras:Twin turbo
Fuel Type:Petrol
Car Type:Collector Cars
Body Type:Coupe
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

JAGUAR XJS 1977 V12 TWIN TURBO Race car - CAMS LOG BOOK- had a fire in back half
JAGUAR XJS 1977 V12 TWIN TURBO Race car - CAMS LOG BOOK- had a fire in back half
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had a fire in the back half -
Project SUIT rebuild
Up for sale is:
1 x XJS V12 Twin-turbo race car (burnt back half) Motor, gearbox & frontend untouched.
1 x XJS 1977 Australian compliance plate, body sandblasted & two pack primed. Complete body including doors, flared guards & boot(boot not sandblasted). All glass &chrome trim. Interior trim, dash & side door trims. Lights front & rear. There is rust to be repaired (as you would expect when sandblasted & there are panels supplied to help with repair)
We have the original TWR moulds for the front bar, rear bar, side skirts & boot spoiler when needed.
This is one amazing race car. It is currently Cams log booked for Marque Sportscar racing. It was originally built by Gary Walker Jaguar in Sydney & was one of three that he built with the Turbos. The most famous of the 3 was the Black one he built for Kerry Packer, so he could blow his mate John Laws off in his Porche - so the story goes.
It isfitted with a 5.3 litre V12 engine with Cosworth sump, race rods & forged pistons. A Motec computer management system was also used. It is also fitted with the Jerico 4 speed race dog straight cut gearbox. The brakes were all modified to Harrop callipers both front & back. It was fitted with V8 Supercar style rotors & used the V8 Supercar 17" x 11" Speedline superlight magnesium wheels (the wheels are Peter Brock & Larry Perkins old V8 wheels)
If this vehicle was to be broken up & sold for parts there would be easy $35000.00 worth of parts. I would prefer to see it put back on the road/track rather than be split.
V12 5.3 Engine -rebuilt specially for the turbos with low compression pistons, Cosworth rods & sump, Cams & head to suit turbos
Jerico race gearbox - straight cut gears with dog clutches - same as Nascars use.
Davies Craig 110 electric water pump
Motec Computer & Coil pack
Choice of original XJS front seats or New SAAS race seats (1 x fixed bucket & 1 x tilt back seat to allow access to the rear)
4 spot Harrop brakes front & back fitted to V8 Supercar rotors.
Outboard rear brakes
Speedline Magnesium Group A wheels 3 x Peter Brock signed & 2 x Perkins wheels fitted with Dunlop !0" x 17" slick tyres. There are road DOT tyres available for these rims.
New Speedhut Instruments with GPS speedo.
Twin side exhausts
Full Cams approved Roll Cage
Full Cams Marque Sports race logbook
I was going to rebuild this vehicle using the sandblasted body & the parts we took of the donor body. The motor, gearbox & frontend are untouched by the fire & we were going to rebuild the rear end because it had the fire which damaged all the rubbers. All the alloy parts don't look damaged & it was fitted with the outboard Harrop brakes.
The rebuild was to be done so it was road-legal vehicle so it could be placed on Club Registration which is only $50.00 per year for 60 days driving. The plan was to fit all the lights, blinkers & set the vehicle up so it would pass a roadworthy inspection. This meant that it could be driven on the road to the track & home again.
I was toying with changing the colour as can be seen by the multi-colours sprayed on the side but did end up deciding to put it back to the original iconic British Racing metallic green.
The following was an independent article that was written when I was going to sell the vehicle before the fire.
This is a regretful sale & is only being offered due to the fact that I have chronic health issues.Please don't hesitate to ask any questions.
Buyer to contactus within 24 hours and must place a 10% deposit to secure the vehicle. Please note that you are bidding to purchase the vehicle & not for the right to view. No warranty is either implied or given in respect to this vehicle. All purchasers are encouraged to make their own inspections. If you need any further details or want to make an appointment to inspect please contact me on (0419)[hidden information].
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About Us
JAGworks are specialists in Pre-loved Jaguars & New/Used spare parts. We are currently wrecking all models of Jaguars including Mk2's, S-type, 420, Mk10, 420G, E-type, XJ6, XJ12, XJS, V12's, 6 cylinder, XJ Series 1, XJ Series 2, XJ Series3, XJ40, 3.6 litre & 4.0 litre, right through to the modern X & S Types, including the X300's & X308's. We are also proud to offer the XK180 replicar & are currently taking orders for your tailor made Jaguar sports car. See all the details on We also offer Pre-loved Jaguar's for sale that have been through our stringent workshop tests. Our licenced workshops also offer full specialised servicing to maintain your Jaguar.
Contact Us
Phone: (02) 4722 4422
Mobile: (0419) [hidden information]
E-mail: [hidden information]
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Item Information

Item ID: 176967
Car location: Penrith, NSW, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 24.08.2020
Views: 94
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JAGUAR XJS 1977 V12 TWIN TURBO Race car - CAMS LOG BOOK- had a fire in back half
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