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2007 Jaguar XK Semi-Automatic Coupe 4.2L

Body Type:Coupe
Engine Size:4.2
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Bargain cheapest in ukJaguar XK 4.2
Stainless exhaust sounds amazing burbles
Full service historyFull hpi clear with Experian report
2 key fobs with charger
Keyless push button start
Uprated alloys 4 great tyres
Sat nav
Cd radio
Touch screen
4 seats get kids in back
Electric heated seats
Parking sensors
Engine lovely and clean
No issues
Brembo disc and pads upgrade
Very quick paddle shift
Slight niggle
1 parking sensor in front
Rust bubbles on drivers door and little laquerr on bumper

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Item Information

Item ID: 177699
Car location: barmby on marsh, United Kingdom
Last update: 30.08.2020
Views: 14
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2007 Jaguar XK Semi-Automatic Coupe 4.2L
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