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jeep 2002

$ 777

jeep 2002 for Sale
jeep 2002 for Salejeep 2002 for Sale
Date of Manufacture:01/2002
For Sale by:Private Seller
Fuel Type:Petrol
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Model:Grand Cherokee
Engine Size (litre):4
Registration Number:1MF5LKT
Body Type:Four Wheel Drive
Registration State:VIC
Registration Information:05/2018
Date of 1st Registration:01/01/2002
Car Type:Passenger Vehicles
Extras:Navigation System
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This reliable 2002 Grand Jeep Cherokee is offered at no reserve auction.  It drives fine, has lots of tread on the tyres and passed rego no problem at the start of the year.  It is sold with no roadworthy certificate, but this can be negotiated with the successful buyer if you live in Victoria.  For other states, it can be driven home no problems with a Vic Roads permit.  Plates will be removed.
This vehicle was purchased at the start of the year for me to do some off roading and to pull a caravan, however my new work vehicle is an SUV so the Jeep is just sitting there.
The paint is in excellent condition and there are no signs of rust with one small paint scrape on the left hand side.  A touch up pen would fix it it's so minor.
These are not great on fuel, but very powerful and this one has the heavy duty tow bar, although I can't see any signs that it's ever really been used.
On a freeway I get about 9-10L/100km and around 12 around town.  Aircon is freezing and everything seems to work with the exception of cruise control which I think is the cable being loose, but haven't looked at it further.
There was a tiny leak from the thermostat so we've had that changed and did a brand new water pump at the same time.  The motor runs great with no smoke and I haven't noticed any oil leaks in the engine at all.
It comes with a digital speedo display module, GPS and bluetooth which all works great.  The car really is good if you're wanting to look at starting some off roading or just want something big and safe.  
There's a tiny tear in the plastic on the drivers inside door handle (see pic) and the overdrive button broke off, but given most people leave overdrive on, it's not a problem and I'm sure easily replaced.  The leather on the steering wheel came lose and was glued, which met roadworthy rules but looks average so a cover is included.
It's an honest car and I did a background report when I purchased it and saw no write off history and no finance.  
Car is located in Terang (South West Victoria near Warrnambool) and can be delivered to Geelong or Warrnambool free of charge to a transport depot if you wish.  If you're collecting, you can land in Melbourne or Avalon and catch the express train from Spencer Street or Geelong station directly to Terang station.
It's a genuine car which I think will impress and with those engines should go for a very long time.
Test drive, mechanical inspection welcome. 
Given I got this for a great price I'm happy to try my luck here and see it with no reserve.

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Sale price: $ 777
Car location: Terang, VIC, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 14.05.2018
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jeep 2002
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