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kawasaki 2014 KX450F

$ 2626

For sale by:Private seller


2014 kx450f bikes done about 45 hours, hour meter fell of around 22 hours. It has a full pro circuit exhaust, rear tyre pretty much brand new only 1 ride. I spent $800 at the start of the year and got new front and back brake pads, front fork seals fixed, back suspension was also done and has been set up to my weight proof of purchase available. The bike had only been ridden twice since. Bike has a few wear and tear marks, but over all in great condition. Was brought brand new and I have been the only owner. It also comes with front air fork pump, side stand + more. Does not come with bike stand pictured! Does not come with rec reg, it only needs a horn and mirror to get rego. The front and back lights both work. Bike is still under finance, money will be going straight on to loan, proof of payout paperwork will be available for buyer to view.

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Sale price: $ 2626
Motorcycle location: Clyde, VIC, Australia
Last update: 11.10.2018
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kawasaki 2014 KX450F
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