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Kawasaki Ex500 GPZ500 500cc Motorbike

$ 0

Capacity (cc):375 to 524 cc
V5 Registration Document:Present
Drive Type:Chain
Vehicle Type:Sports Touring
|Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

here we haveA ex500.. I brought the bike last April as a project then be my first big bike.. it has had new chain and sprocket kit. frontcalliper rebuild. fork seals battery and of course full service. MOT till 26th of june starts rides and runs well ideal work bike. body work is in fair condition odd paint chip here and there .any questions just ask.. can help with delivery but message me first..LOW FEEDBACK BIDDERS MUST CONTACT BEFORE BIDDING.. or your bid will be removed.. You bid to buy... sold as seen..

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Item Information

Item ID: 208314
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Doncaster, United Kingdom
Last update: 31.03.2021
Views: 17
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Kawasaki Ex500 GPZ500 500cc Motorbike
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