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kawasaki gpz900r top gun

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Capacity (cc):900
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Seller Description

gpz900r 1986 I bought this bike with intention of building a top gun bike to add to my collection as topgun 2 is coming out and its in the trailer! The bike seams to be all original with proper plastics and exhausts.
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Ive had the bike profesionally painted to high standard. The troublesome anti dive has deen re conditioned with new seals and oil and works fine. Brakes are good with braided hoses. tyres are good. Ive had the carbs sonic cleaned with new seals and when fitted the bike started and ran, however not right so the kawasaki specialist is popping over to ballance them this week. Engine sounds ok and doesnt smoke and has had new oil and filter. Im no mechanic but all i can see that is obvious is a weep from the clutch hose and an oil leek repair on an oil seel. One of the inner plastics is missing over right exhaust. One lug missing on a side pannel. Didnt want to sell but covid dept means something has to go, boo hoo. So close to complete just need some small jobs to make mint Sold as seen as ive not had a chance to ride properly but viewing more than welcome and any questions please ask. Cash on collectionOn 24-Mar-21 at 16:50:55 GMT, seller added the following information:Just to add there is a lot of confusion on which Bradwell it is at, its Hope valley derbyshire. Allso i can deliver bike a sensible distance for a fee.

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Item ID: 213442
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: bradwell, United Kingdom
Last update: 4.05.2021
Views: 30
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kawasaki gpz900r top gun
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