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Kawasaki Z1000 Project, spares or repair

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Seller Description

1978 Z1000 Project, spares or repair
registered bike 01 08 1978
9 previous owners
V5 in my
nameReg. YDC 969TEngine # KZT00A-[hidden information]Engine # KZT00AE-[hidden information]
I acquired
this in June last year 2021
owner bought it in 2002.
The previous owner had all the body
work newly sprayed in the design you see. It was all fitted to the bike bar the tank
which has never been fitted until I took these photos. The masking tape was still on the tap outlet (see photo).
the bike has been left neglected since then for 20 years and appears to have been used as a
shelf / coat rack / climbing wall etc. So all the fitted paint work is marked and scratched.
I’ve fitted
a new battery, plugs, and fresh fuel.
The bike starts
and runs and ticks over and selects all gears but the engine is rattly/noisy.It starts on the starter and with the kick start but the kickstart operation is stiff so it doesn't self return.
The rear
caliper has the banjo snapped off (I have a replacement part).
The rear
tyre has a puncture.

master cylinder piston is stuck in.The seat lock is missing.There is a crack in the final drive cover.It's 43 years old and it shows.
It has Marzocchi shocksHarris exhaustI think it has Z650 yokesAs usual ebay knows best and I can only select cash on collection.I will accept a Cleared cheque, Bank transfer, Postal order and Paypal

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Item Information

Item ID: 254812
Motorcycle location: Tewkesbury, United Kingdom
Last update: 5.02.2022
Views: 10
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Kawasaki Z1000 Project, spares or repair
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