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Kawasaki Z1100R Eddie Lawson replica

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Seller Description

genuine uk Kawasaki Z1100R Eddie Lawson replica,can be verified from engine and frame number,considering her age she’s a good old girl,(like the 50 something blonde in the pub that you’d all have a go at),lol,she’s presentable and a good ride,(like the blonde) will have 12 months MOT when sold and runs like a expensive Swiss timepiece,she has nearly new tyres,rebuilt brakes front and rear,rebuilt forks with progressive springs,new coils,metmachex type alloy swing arm,as the pedants will note there’s a few bits not quite right,feel free to message me and I’ll run through my list as noted,I have a small collection of parts,a scruffy std 4 into 2 black chrome exhaust,2sets of std carbs,centre stand,air box with black chrome side covers,a genuine petrol tank painted black,pair of side panels,a pair of genuine wheels,and yes the fronts an 18,plus a few odds and ends like brake pads and switches,
She’s a good usable classic and is only going one way in price,ie UP,selling her doesn’t sit right with me but I’m having to let go of the past as I get older,these bikes were called muscle bikes for a reason,All in all a good bike that needs using,there’s a few marks and the front mudguards got a split in it but all in all a very good usable classic,
No PayPal and no test rides without the cash in my hand,no warranty implied or given and no part exes,If you’ve read this far you’ll know this is a very reluctant sale,thanks
Just a needed to add a few things due to questions asked,the carbs on bike are gsxr Suzuki and totally transform the bike,ie runs much better but no part of the bike was modified to fit them,as said she comes with std kwak setup and air box if retro fitting is your thing she has a dyna s ignition,the exhaust is a Harris 4 into 1 with a kerker sticker on (got fed up of people at bike shows saying it should have a kerker,!it shouldn’t !)You can use this bike as is or do a running restore,most of the black parts ie frame and sundries are plastic coated and in very good order,the tank on the bike looks like a Gpz tank hence the std black tank in spares,all the spares combined could sell if split and achieve over a 1000 quid on there own but I’d prefer to sell as a job lot with the bike,if you know these bikes you’ll also know the front wheel alone would fetch 300 quid,this is the second time I’ve attempted to sell and had over 100 watchers and a barrage of questions, feel free to contact me and I can send more photos and give you a warts and all description,thanks for looking

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Item Information

Item ID: 214980
Motorcycle location: birmingham, United Kingdom
Last update: 14.05.2021
Views: 354
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Kawasaki Z1100R Eddie Lawson replica
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