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Used 1963 Ural k750 Used Green 750L

Engine Size:750
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Seller Description

KMZ K750
Fully restored,lovely bike
I have full pictures of restoration including engine bearings, gearbox rebuild etc.
I have owned for approximately 8-10 years. In this time I have done approximately 1500 miles. I am an engineer service it myself and keep all receipts etc
Straight through pipes sounds beautiful.
Mainly used for trips to local shop /pub but it will cruise all day. Furthest I have been is 70 miles away and that is a real adventure.!!!
6v electrics, four speed gearbox plus reverse gear.Lovely vintage feel.
I am selling because I've a new dog and so am getting a modern less cool but more sensible Ural for summer touring and commuting on.
Thanks for Looking
Kind RegardsJack

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Item Information

Item ID: 224130
Motorcycle location: Nottingham, United Kingdom
Last update: 11.07.2021
Views: 85
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1963 Ural k750 Used Green 750L
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