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2018 Ktm Adventure Used 690L

$ 12406

Sub Model (Optional):690 Enduro R
Exterior Color:Orange
Engine Size (cc):690
:“Custom built 690 Enduro R”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Probably one of the best equipped 690 Enduro R KTM 690 listed for sale .Built up over the last 2 years only 3200 kilometres . Plans of Adventure riding went out the window. Over $25.000 invested including the purchase of bike new in 2018Full Rally Raid Evo 2 adventure kit adds an extra 10 litre fuel giving the bike a range of over 550 kilometres.
Information about 2018 Ktm Adventure for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Adventure Ktm Orange
Bike has been upgraded with Custom built Haan adventure wheels billet hub with Excel rims and heavy duty spokes. Rottweiler intake and fuel dongle. Yoshimura exhaust. Full Rally Raid add ons from subframe bolts to bar riser with Scott dampener. Seat concepts seat. Kouba lowering link. JBI fork valve upgrade. KTM 640 Adventure low fender with Rally Raid brackets. Cyclops LED signal conversion. Tourtech bag mounts sorry no bags . Lost Dog center stand. Toys 2 Go tank guard. Rally Moto Shop carbon fiber sump guard. Tekmo carbon fiber case protector covers. Vanasche fuel caps and sprocket cover. Oxford heated grips . Might be missing some of the add ons. You would not be able to build one like this for what I am asking. Comes with large selection of service Spare parts from spare rockers and shafts . Valve shim kit sprocket selection. Also comes with all stock components including original wheels . All original parts are new or as new condition.
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Item Information

Item ID: 189646
Sale price: $ 12406
Motorcycle location: Calgary, Canada
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 1.11.2020
Views: 13
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2018 Ktm Adventure Used 690L
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