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2020 Ktm Duke New White 125L Manual

$ 0

Engine Size:125
MOT Expiration Date:2020
Capacity (cc):124
Extra Features:Anti-Lock Brakes
Date of 1st Registration:20201217
V5 Registration Document:Present
Number of Manual Gears:6
Road Tax Remaining:11 Months
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Seller Description

2020 KTM Duke · Driven 200 miles
Hi all, 70 plate duke with just over 200 miles, bought it out right last month thinking I was gonna use it all the time only for it to be a garden ornament and hardly used it so selling it to fund a car, mot not due till 2023 and not even due it’s first service yet it’s that new, was registered 17th December 2020, no outstanding finance on this bike either. If anyone wants any more info on this bike don’t hesitate to message me.

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Item ID: 209061
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: HULL, United Kingdom
Last update: 5.04.2021
Views: 7
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2020 Ktm Duke New White 125L Manual
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