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KX 85 KX85 small wheel big wheel

Seller notes:Normal motocross condition a few scratches on plastics
Capacity (cc):85
Fuel:Super unleaded only
Vehicle Type:Motorcross (off-road)
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Seller Description

New in 2015 EX UK Kawasaki Factory Rider practice Bike, NOT RACE TUNED !Recent top end rebuild, no play on crank or RodAll frame bearings replaced steering, both swing arms, pivot bolts, new axle bolts, new rear wheel bearings
Small Wheels, Big Wheels, with both swing armsStandard rear spring55N rear spring57.

5N rear springStandard fork springs3.8 N fork springsProTaper barsProTaper GripsRenthal Bar clampsRFX leversBig wheel chain & sprockets in good conditionSmall wheel chain & sprockets in good conditionStandard length shift lever+20mm longer shift lever for bigger riderStandard seat+40mm Guts Racing seat for taller riderBoysen Rad Valve Factory issue with spare gasketBoysen high volume coolant pumpBoysen clutch & Ignition coversFactory workshop manual & printed illustrated parts catalogSuspension lowering links -50mm for smaller riderExhaust restrictor included can fitted in 10 minutes if required for learning onWash cap & two air filters
This has been a great little bike and we are sorry to see it go but my son has just out grown it.We have never raced it, just used on practice tracks.

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Item Information

Item ID: 239389
Motorcycle location: Brinsley, United Kingdom
Last update: 6.11.2021
Views: 49
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KX 85 KX85 small wheel big wheel
Current customer rating: 4/5 based on 1701 customer reviews

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