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Land Rover Defender 110 County Station Wagon 2000 TD5 *Galvanised Chassis*

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Seller Description

Land Rover Defender 110 County Station wagon in rare Kent Green. ***Galvanised chassis***
Very good condition all round, subject to a full rebuild on a galvanised chassis with any rust issues dealt with at the same time, including but not limited to; new side frames (b and c posts with sills), all 4 doors repaired to a high standard, new galvanised body crossmember, new bulkhead foot wells. As such, it is now completely rust free. All welding work was carried out by a professional fabricator to a high standard and is very neat.
Finished in Kent Green, which was a rare colour choice but looks fantastic, people often comment on what a nice colour it is. There are a few light dents around the bodywork as you would expect for the age of the vehicle, but nothing major and it is very presentable.
Everything has been gone through when it was rebuilt, it had new brake hoses and solid pipes all round. New shuttle switch fitted to the abs valve block and the abs is now functioning perfectly, which is a nice addition on a 110, particularly if towing. Also benefits from traction control, which really helps when off road. Bushes replaced as necessary along with new shocks all round. New injector loom fitted to cure oil in the loom problem these all suffer with.
Drives extremely well, the gearbox shifts nicely and the engine is responsive and smooth. Everything on the car is in working order.
The interior is in good clean condition with all its original carpeting in reasonably good condition, the seats are in nice order. This is an 11 seater with the rear bench seats, one of the last with this configuration before they were reduced to 9 seaters.
Information about Defender for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Defender

It is MOT'd and ready to go.
If you have any questions or would like to view, please call me on [hidden information].
I would consider a part exchange, dependent on vehicle.

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Item ID: 142941
Car location: Chippenham, United Kingdom
Last update: 13.01.2020
Views: 32
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Land Rover Defender 110 County Station Wagon 2000 TD5 *Galvanised Chassis*
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