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Landrover Defender 90 1988 200 tdi Beautifull Fully Loaded immaculate

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I bought this vehicle from Tamar Country Cars in Plymouth 2.5 years ago and i have done 1200 miles in it,hence reason for sale.Below is the description from Tamar when i bought the car,in addition to the work they carried out i have added a host of xtras,new door cards,new dashboard,i had the rear glass fitted,i had all the light bars fitted and upgraded headlights,fitted the rear bumper and tow bar,steering guard,fitted reverse camera,side steps,mud flaps,interior LED lighting and many other bits.It is still on its original 'E' reg.The vehicle is beautifull in this modern colour Nara Bronze,the Puma bonnet is an original steel bonnet NOT a fibreglass copy.All the parts are either genuine landrover or Britpart or equally as good supplier.
Information about Defender for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Defender
MOT until March 2020,V5 present.
This was Tamars write up in their advert i bought it off and gives a description of the extensive work carried out before i bought it.
No silly offers,no test drives,interested parties with good feedback only.Viewing is by appointment only,i will not answer any silly questions,please dont make any offers unless you are a long standing ebay member with good feedback score.

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Item ID: 191381
Sale price: $ 0
Car location: Birmingham, United Kingdom
Last update: 8.11.2020
Views: 17
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Landrover Defender 90 1988 200 tdi Beautifull Fully Loaded immaculate
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