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Lj torana

$ 5183

Body Type:Coupe
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller
Item status:In archive

Seller Description

Lone Ranger in colour, Factory black trim, S, rare and cool T bar auto, Lumpy 173, disk brakes, all new brakes front to back, tight suspension, new fuel system inc POR good tank , runs wells, GTR dash and wiring that works as do most gauges, all the ignition works with its keys that open and lock doors and boot, body is super straight
The bad, compliance plates fallen off? but I do know build month, year of manufacture and Vin is super sharp, last number plate, some wally parked this under a gum tree or the like, when I finally got to it he was about to part it out as someone wanted the drivers door! He also forgot what happened to the interior so only has one very good seat?It should have been a mint body but it has rust, roof turret has holes, inside side windows, lower front guards, near the heater, drivers front floor, inside guards, lower valance, spare wheel well, a pillars and probably a bit more, etcAll other areas are good and clean and the underside is super clean, thankfully you can buy all these panels and sedan turrets are the same
The front wheels come off another car so it will come with something else - rear wheels are HG and new tyres - also the glove box lid is not inc
It comes with 98 fuel, and battery, can deliver anywhere in Darwin, Ceva is right next door to us, direct bank deposit only
Reason for selling is I just dont have time to restore
Please no wombats - life's to short and don't ask what I will take as I am letting the auction run its course
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Item Information

Item ID: 191679
Sale price: $ 5183
Car location: Darwin, NT, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 9.11.2020
Views: 19
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Lj torana
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