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matchless 350 3gl 1949 farm bike

$ 982

For sale by:Private seller


49 350 matchless running when parked up a few years ago and have not tried to start it since,it ran quiet and well. Needs a front drive seal ,but was handy around the farm as it was .sold the farm! Has a newer style Amal carb fitted and will need a feel line before it runs ,back mudguard and a few old carbs along with some new cables new steering head bearings may help as the others have all fell out. No ther spares. Pick up from near gympie, no offers as it has a sensible  reserve.  Thank you for looking in the eBay computer. 

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Sale price: $ 982
Motorcycle location: Cooloola coast, Australia
Last update: 13.07.2018
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matchless 350 3gl 1949 farm bike
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