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Used Mercedes-Benz eBay Motors #321111267182

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Seller Description

HERE FOR SALE A LOVELY CLASSIC MERCEDES 450 SLC 1975 BARN FINDIN STORAGE FOR THE LAST 5 YEARS ; PUT BATTERY IN AND FRESH PETROL AND IT STARTED FIRST TIMEDRIVEN IN YARD AND IT SELECTS GEARS NO PROBLEM ; BRAKES WORK AND HOLDS WATER ; LOVELY RETRO INTERIOR ;EXELLENT HEADLINNING ; CARPETS AS NEW 4 X ORIGINAL ALLOY WHEELS FITTED WITH AS NEW TYRES BODYWORK GENERALLY IS EXCELLENT LIKE FOR AGE THE PANELS ARE STRAIGHT ; LAQUER PEEL ON ROOF AND A FEW SURFACE RUST BUBBLES HERE AND THERETHE CHROME BUMPERS ARE SUPERB AND ALL BRIGHTWORK ALSO JUST NEEDS CLEAN FOR ANY MORE INFO PLEASE ASK THIS IS A FAST APPRECIATING CLASSIC CAR I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REMOVE AT ANYTIMEFULL V5 AND VINTAGE SERVICE BOOK - MAIN DEALER SERVICE TO 90KYou are welcome to come and inspect the vehicle at any time before auction end. Please do so before you bid. as no complaints will be entertained after the close of the auction. Buy what you see. Car is not new (1975) and does not give him a guarantee. Buyer after the purchase responsibility for everything that happens with the car. So please come with insurance. This is not car rental companies. so if you buy there is no refund. Come to me. see the car.

check everything. take a ride test. nd then buyCAR IS LOCATED IN LUTON BEDFORDSHIREAlso published at

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Item Information

Item ID: 165525
Car location:
For sale by: Private seller
Last update: 29.06.2020
Views: 76

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Mercedes-Benz eBay Motors #321111267182
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