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1958 Mg MGA Used 1500L Coupe Coupe

Drive Side:Left-hand drive
Body Type:Coupe
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

For auction is my 1958 MGA Fixed Head Coupe. I have owned and driven the car for over 30 years.

I have the active registration/title in my name. While in my ownership I have:- Rebuilt the engine (1500 cc, correct type of engine but not original) with an aluminum head.- The distributor is a Mallory dual point and I can include the original with its electronic conversion.- There is a cold air box installed on the carbs. Carbs are otherwise original.- Radiator was re-cored to more efficient standards than original.- Converted to wire wheels transferring parts from a friends coupe that wanted disc wheels. The splines are in good shape and the rims are silver powder coated.- rehired the car. The loom is cloth and the underside main is covered in another cloth to keep it clean. I had to replace the wire to the rear license plate light as it shorted due to a fault in the light itself that has been repaired.- Converted to disc brakes in the front. OEM Parts but for the Moss aftermarket calipers.- Put in new grey carpet.- Updated the seat covers to correct coupe covers from another car (in good clean condition)- Put in new windshield and back window rubbers.- The front fog lights are Carrelo’s.- The trunk rack is restored OEM and the grill is restored OEM (I.e. brass shell).- I have the Heritage Trust form for the car.
The body is un-restored and has been pained away from it’s original Island Green. The body work contains bondo and sills will need replacing. The front fender was replaced at one time with a poor condition roadster fender and requires replacement. I have a replacement roadster fender that is in much better condition but will need dog leg repair. The rest of the body will require some work on the other three fenders but they are in fairly good shape for their age. The body is otherwise in good shape for original. The frame is excellent retaining its original brake line and wiring tabs. Floorboards are strong wood still. The tubular cross member under the engine has been dented. I have a two coupe doors for spares and various door latches and window regulator and spare parts to include (one side glass for example). The wiper motor needs a new armature that I will supply. The heater works but not hooked up on the controls or electric. The hoses are hooked up. I didn’t need the heater for the summer driving I do. A 2013 appraisal put the condition of the car at a Hagerty 4.5 and value of $15,500 CAD. I can assist with shipping from my side but it will be up to the buyer to arrange for shipping. I show as pickup only but will sell to outside Canada. If the car is purchased through buy it now or by an accepted offer, I ask for a $500 deposit through PayPal and the remaining amount owing through a bank transfer to which the details will be supplied later. If you have fewer than 75 positive feedback on E-bay, or received negative feedback on purchases you made, I want to talk to you before you purchase. The car is listed locally and I reserve the right to end this listing at any time.

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Item Information

Item ID: 133483
Car location: Calgary, Canada
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 2.11.2019
Views: 48
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1958 Mg MGA Used 1500L Coupe Coupe
Current customer rating: 4/5 based on 4 customer reviews

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