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1968 Mg MGB Used 3.5 L V8L Manual Gasoline Convertible

Engine:3.5 L V8
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Interior Color:Tan
Exterior Color:Red
Drive Type:RWD
Body Type:Convertible
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

This MG-based Brooklands Renaissance roadster was purchased by the seller in 2018. It is based upon a 1968 MGB chassis and was modified approximately 30 years ago by Brooklands Car Components of Ontario, Canada with revised fiberglass bodywork, a Ford Mustang–based suspension and brakes, and a Rover 3.5-liter V8 paired with a Rover-sourced five-speed manual transmission. This Brooklands roadster is now offered with period literature and Ontario registration in the seller’s name listing the car as a 1968 MG.The exterior is finished in red with a black soft top.
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Brooklands reinforced the MGB chassis and fitted fiberglass bodywork with integrated bumpers. Steel doors are retained. Headlights from a Suzuki Swift and taillights from a Ford Escort GT were utilized in the design. The seller states that both the top and tonneau cover have been replaced with Robbins Stayfast canvas.American Racing 14″ wheels wear mismatched tires. Modified from that of a standard MGB, the suspension utilizes Mustang control arms in front with coil springs and KYB shocks, while the rear end features a Mustang live axle with semi-elliptical leaf springs and Spax adjustable shocks. Brakes were also from a Mustang, with 9.3″ vented discs in front and drums at the rear.The interior is trimmed in tan leather with matching carpets and a brown leather-covered dashboard with burl wood accents. Amenities include a walnut shift knob and a Dino leather-wrapped steering wheel.Instrumentation consists of a 160-mph speedometer and an 8k-rpm tachometer from AutoMeter as well as Smiths gauges for temperature and fuel level. The five-digit odometer indicates 39k miles, approximately 2,500 of which were added by the seller. True chassis mileage is unknown.The 3.5-liter V8 features an Offenhauser intake manifold and a Holley four-barrel carburetor to help produce a claimed 180 horsepower at the time of the Brooklands conversion. Power is sent to the rear wheels through a Rover five-speed manual transmission with an 8″ Ford rear differential. The seller states that service in September 2019 included changing the oil, replacing the air filter, and installing new spark plugs and high-tension leads.The Brooklands Car Components identification plate in the engine bay lists this chassis as serial number [hidden information].

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Item Information

Item ID: 169782
Car location: Paris, Canada
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 20.07.2020
Views: 53
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1968 Mg MGB Used 3.5 L V8L Manual Gasoline Convertible
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