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Military themed Honda CT110 (Postie Bike) 1982 - Melbourne Vic

Date of Manufacture:198200
For sale by:Private seller
Product Type:Classic, Collector Bikes
Number of Gears:4
Date of 1st Registration:19821201
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

For sale is a Military themed Honda CT110. (Also have aCT90 listed and aCustom CT110 so see other items) Frame sandblasted, undercoated and sprayed in high quality military green finish paint. Custom decals to give it military style along with the Genuine military blackout tail light fitted on custom bracket.Custom pannier bag mounts along with GenuineFrench Military packs.
Information about Honda ct110 for sale on this page. See price and photos of the ct110 Honda
Purchased as new old stock itemsstill in plastic and in perfect condition. Items also sandblasted and powdercoated include the sump guard, rear rack wheels, hubs and allexhaust shield parts.Brand New exhaust! Seat professionally recovered with original ribbedHondareplacement seat.New tyres, tube liners and tubes. (Wildboar) Colour match detailing to motor, rear shocks and headlight rim in satin finish black.Newrubber on clutch housing, new spark plug, new battery,, newexhaust gasket,New brake shoes. New ignition barrel with 2 keys, new uni air filter. New handle bars and grips. All wiring covered in cotton wrap. Includes genuine auxillary fuel tank fitted on original mount with all rubbers in good condition. Effort put into retaining as much as the original bolts, fuel lines, clipsand smaller items which were buffed to give cleaner old look in comparison to shiny new nuts and bolts. All stands andfoot brake wirebrushed and coated with black enamel. New battery and globes in headlight and instrument housingworking. Wiring loom was in great original shape with nil issues.Just finished checking the coil which is all good andthe carby has beenstripped down and cleaned.Motorhas good compression. The wiring loom is present and I am in the process of completing it to start. Nothing else required. You can save money by making and offer on the bike as it or it will be sold complete and running for the asking price.I have done so much to this bike, I am sure I have forgotten something, so will ad it as inquiries comein.Wont swap for a bag of magicbeans, a genie bottle or unregistered 92 Holden commodore wagon, just want to sell the bike.Reasonable offers will be considered.If interested, I can supply a genuine military front black out light cover as well. Have a set of indicators which are fitted with 6 volt globes to go with the bike if the intention is to get it registered. This bike has a real old school look and would look great in your man cave. Collection is from Airport West, Melbourne Victoria. Please don't bid if you are from interstate unless youhave emailed me first.If you are not really interested,please don't buy it if you don't want tobuy it, others will.

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Item Information

Item ID: 155644
Motorcycle location: Niddrie, VIC, Australia
Last update: 14.05.2020
Views: 152
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Military themed Honda CT110 (Postie Bike) 1982 - Melbourne Vic
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