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Mini Cooper S R53 12 Months MOT Lots of Goodies [email protected]@k! For Sale

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Seller Description

Mini Cooper S R[hidden information].6 supercharged6 speed manual111k miles12 months MOTFolder full of paper work and receiptsPart service historyComplete overhaul at 90k miles including chain and gaskets
Just had 2 new front bushes and brackets, track rods, clutch slave cylinder and a few other bits for the MOT totaling £400+ so no expense spared
Stance+ coilivers9 drive wind boosterUprated larger intercoolerFull Miltek exhaust systemRam Air induction kitReduced pulleyUprated LED lightingXENON headlights with washersSilicon Mayhem intercooler bootsDAM air intercooler finsMaxtel spot lights10mm spacers all round for a nice square stanceLimo black rear tinted windows
There is barely a mark on this and it's been very well looked after with just the odd blemish here and there as to be expected.
I'm sure first to view and drive will buy!Priced reasonably.
May do a swap for the right car of equal value or will consider something in P/X and cash my way
Car's now off the road and in my garage so mileage won't be going up as it won't be used
These are becoming very sought after!

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Item Information

Item ID: 238319
Sale price: $ 0
Car location: Hessle, United Kingdom
Last update: 27.10.2021
Views: 31
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Mini Cooper S R53 12 Months MOT Lots of Goodies [email protected]@k!
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