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Mini Moke Californian

Model:Moke californian
Fuel Type:Petrol
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Body Type:Convertible
Engine Size (litre):4 cylinder
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“Very Good Condition”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

1980 Genuine Californian Mini Moke
Amazing condition full gal body, never been any rust, has been sitting in sheds all its life. I am the third owner, drives like a new car, gear stick nice and tight no slop whatsoever.
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The fuel tank is spotless inside, the millage is [hidden information] I don't think it has been around. Motor is amazing, a 998, 4speed, nice and quiet runs smooth doesn't leek oil or blow smoke. Sits beautiful on the road.
This car has never been messed with, pretty hard to find a moke in this condition. floors perfect. pontoons perfect inside I have done a lot of mokes up over the years and its hard to believe the condition of this one, it even has the original Californian steering wheel and denim seats. bottom of passengers needs vinyl repair .drivers side has had a repair.
I have put a lot of new parts on the car.The list is coolant, oil/and oil filter, starter solenoid, brake line, flexible brake hoses, brake shoes, 4 new tyres, brake cylinders front and back, clutch slave cylinder kitted, and flexible clutch hose, top radiator hose, horn reconditioned, charcoal canister cleaned, new spare wheel bracket, new gear rod seals, cross member rubbers, steady bar rubbers, heater tap seal, wiper blades, new moke mud flaps, fuel filter, shockers, fuel float, power kill switch, new old stock inner drive shaft boot not fitted yet, hand brake grip, bonnet straps, seat belt covers front, new wiper switch on the column, new key and ignition barrel, and a lot of stainless steel bolts and screws throughout it. Rear exhaust mounts, Leather steering wheel cover, Battery, Heater ducting, Tie rod boot, Ball joint boot, Grab handle, New side mirrors
It does come with the original side screens just not on the car, number plates don't come with the car. Wiper washer bottle cleaned, has all its factory stickers, tyre plaque etc even has the original jack.Paint is good but presentable , bonnet crows feet, Very straight body ,Doesn't take much to paint it, Its like painting an esky. Its never had any rust repaires. I have painted mokes before, I left the paint cos it looks cool, its the original Hi Ho silver color as on the paint code. All the californian options dissy cover, bash plate floor matting, Heater, Californian wheels, no soft top, did not come with the car, can still buy them new, windscreen excellent. Every thing works lights indercators ect, near new roll bar, only because it had a hard top canopy on it when I bought it, Been driven a fair bit on a unregisted permit last summer, and started and driven around back yard twice a month,The only things I had left to do was lower control arm bushes if it needs them, inner left hand drive shaft boot, supplied, SOLD AS IS NO REG OR RWC, NO STUPID QUESTIONS OR SWAPS, CASH ON PICK UP PLEASE. I had a know all key board pirate try to tell me they never made a 998 Californian moke this car is all original and in any moke manual it states it they made a standard 998 californian moke and any moke site will tell its called a standard californain moke most likely rare as . it has all the californian options just not a 1275 motor and disc brakes.This little car pulls 4 adults in it with ease. motor is strong and reliable. reason for selling I have lost interest its just sitting in the shed doing nothing time for some one else to enjoy CHEERS.

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Item Information

Item ID: 144771
Car location: Wangaratta, VIC, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 21.01.2020
Views: 50
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Mini Moke Californian
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