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MV Agusta 750F4 S, 2000, 7k miles, Immaculate W1N MV plate

Model:All Models
Engine Size:749
MOT Expiry Date:202203
Type:Super Sport
Previous owners (excl. current):2
V5 Registration Document:Present
Date of 1st Registration:2607
Manufacturer:Mv agusta
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Seller Description

MV Agusta 750F4 S, Registered June 2000, 7174 miles W1N MV
This is my F4S, I did list it for sale in 2019 but changed
my mind and decided to keep it, I haven’t ridden it since its last MOT in May
2019. Now I’ve accepted I’m not as subtle
as I used to be to ride it and as I have a 916 Ducati already in the house I’m
not even going to suggest it!
I bought it from a collector in early 2018 who had it in
storage since 2006, I had a full service done with all fluids replaced and have
only done 230 miles since. Brand new battery now fitted.
Included is the number plate W1 NMV valued at ВЈ1500 +
It’s booked in for a fresh MOT which will be done before the
auction ends
I have the original bill of sale and receipts for options
supplied and fitted by the dealer which include:-
Datatool Alarm
Polished race pipes & injectors
Polished swinging Arm
MV Double bubble Screen
Seat cover
Polished engine covers
Front mudguard
Harris rear sets
MV Paddock Stand
As you know these are now considered a �classic’ and this
one is immaculate with 2 previous owners on the V5 which is in my name.
I’ve not put a reserve on it as I’m sure it will reach a
fair price. Please do not bid if you have less than 20 feedback without
contacting me first. The winning bidder needs to contact me within 12 hours of
the auction ending, pay a ВЈ100 deposit than collect the bike within 5 days, balance
to be paid on collection by bank transfer.
I have a van and could deliver at an agreed cost to cover
expenses, this between me and the winner. Please don’t ask for a quote before
bidding, contact a courier if needed.
Sorry for all the conditions, I’ve been on Ebay for almost
20 years and have experienced it all.
Thanks for looking, any further information please get in

On 04-Mar-21 at 14:12:44 GMT, seller added the following information:Walk around video uploaded

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Item Information

Item ID: 214514
Motorcycle location: Deal, United Kingdom
Last update: 11.05.2021
Views: 38
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MV Agusta 750F4 S, 2000, 7k miles, Immaculate W1N MV plate
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