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Used 2013 Mv agusta 989R Used Black 1000L Manual Petrol

Manufacturer:Mv agusta
Engine Size:1000
Start Type:Electric start
Type:Naked super sport
Drive Type:Chain
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Seller Description

For sale my immaculate MV Agusta in BlackAlthough the logbook says it’s had one former keeper I’ve owned this bike from new as it was a pre-registered bike that came to me with delivery miles only.The Bike is a 2013 with 4137 milesIt was service at 2-year-old 3402 miles at an official MV dealer with 2 new tyres, it then did only 700 miles that summer and I have not rode it since. So, it’s been on sorn for the last 6 years (see photo of receipt)I put some fresh petrol in and a new battery and it started like it’s had been run every dayThe bike is in near showroom condition as I’ve loved and cared for it regardless of cost, its only ever been a summer bike I am so sad to sell it but I am not able to ride any more due to arthritis in my hands and knees and it seems a shame that this bike is not out in the sunshineI have made a few aesthetic modifications and they arerizoma mirrorsrizoma indicatorsrizoma grips and bar endsMV Agusta branded reservoir coversCrash bobbinsTail tidyIf you’re not aware rizoma stuff is very expensive so all the above cost over £600 but it was money well spent as it really does make the bike look even more specialI have all the original bits so you can put the bike back to standard or sell them if you wishThe bike is also fitted with a private plate which can stay onThis is great as the bike looks so new it hides its age wellIt’s fitted with a data tool s4 red alarm that has just been replaced a few weeks ago under a factory recall so it’s a new alarm with two new fobs and all the paper work you need to your Insurance.

The Bike will come with 2 sets of keys original owners handbook an optimiser and paddock stand and an MV Agusta branded Matt to keep the tyres off the cold floorThis is your chance to own a hand-built, exclusive and lightning fastItalian work of art for the price of a mass-produced Japanese BikeThe bike is in Leicester and available to view any evening and I would highly recommend having a look

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Item Information

Item ID: 220869
Motorcycle location: Leicester, United Kingdom
Last update: 20.06.2021
Views: 51
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2013 Mv agusta 989R Used Black 1000L Manual Petrol
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