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Used MV AGUSTA F4 TRACK BIKE Deposit taken

Manufacturer:Mv agusta
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Seller Description

DEPOSIT TAKEN THANK YOU SCOTTMV Agusta F4 1000 2010 track bike with V57077miles , only 77 of which on circuit (1 day at Cadwell)
Marchesini forged aluminium light weight wheels fitted with bridgestone slicks .Moto Forza clock/fairing mounting bracket.MV Agusta performance end can .Engine remapped (174 rwhp)Bonamici rearsetsFull BSB/WSB carbon fibre body kit with oversized carbon fibre air ducts painted to a high standardZero Gravity high screenMWR race air filterMV Agusta corse rear paddock stand .Brembo serie oro front brake discs.The bike comes with two keys , the original tool kit , and a good main dealer service history . The bike was a cat d write off with only light cosmetic damage . The road going bodywork which could be used as is , or easily repainted , is included in the price . The headlight would need replacing. The original standard rear wheel is also included.I bought the bike in 2018to use as a track bike ,and also as a show piece for the shop as I was a dealer for MV Agusta , however the dealership didn't work out so the bike has lived in my lounge for the last two years.The bike has been used only once on circuit (last September) . I thought I wanted to ride on track again after a five year break, however at 58 years old I have to admit I was scared and didn't enjoy the day ,so the MV has to go.

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Item Information

Item ID: 213543
Motorcycle location: Upbrooks, United Kingdom
Last update: 5.05.2021
Views: 91
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