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Norton ES2 - 500 CC - 1952

Engine Capacity (cc):500
Modified Item:No
Colour:black / chrome
Start Type:Kick start
Non-Domestic Product:No
For sale by:Private seller
Drive Type:Chain
Number of Gears:4
Seller Notes:“Not concourse. but very tidy and useable as is.”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

I have for auction a1952 Norton ES2 - 500 ccLast year of the plunger frameMatching numbersFrame: 407##Engine : G4 407##
Traveled approx 450 miles on new 40 thou O/S J&P PistonFresh bore . New valve guides / valves re-cut and seated .Starts easily from cold or hot. Runs , rides and handles well...Good brakesNew battery 8 months agoEverything works.. Generator / regulator /horn .. all lights / speedo.
Information about Norton ES2 for sale on this page. See price and photos of the ES2 Norton

Tinware is in good to excellent condition as is the chrome tank.Chrome rims with chrome spokes in excellent condition.Tyres are very good.Has rider and pillion sprung seats
Currently on Non Transferable NSW Historic Vehicle Registration.. Hence sold unregistered.
The photos ( taken today 21/8/2018) form part of the description , so please take the time to view them thoroughly before considering bidding.
Bike is located in Barnsley NSW , which is approx 20 Klms west of Newcastle in the Lake Macquarie district.Pick up only . I can help with loading at this end , but all transport organising and associated fees are the responsibility of the winning bidder.This bike is in good running order but may need tuning and adjustment to suit the new owner. It is sold with no warranty or refunds implied or given.Inspection before auction ends is recommended and invited. I will be home most days .
I prefer cash on collection . Otherwise direct deposit to my bank account with funds cleared before the bike leaves my shed. PayPal is the third option with a 5% buyers premium on final bid price applicable at time of funds transfer.... Please read and understand these terms and conditions. The bike will not leave my possession if you cant meet at least one of the above payment options.I will contact the winning bidder at auction end.. so please ensure your contact details and address including phone number are current on your ebay profile.
If you have any questions ... Please use "Ask seller a question" i will do my best to reply with any information relevant to the condition of the bike. If you need to speak with me include your phone number in the question information. I have intentionally left a couple of spaces for extra photos.. so if there is a specific part of the bike that you would like a closer look at please state so in your message. I will add the photo as soon as practical.

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Item Information

Item ID: 80226
Motorcycle location: newcastle, Australia
Last update: 5.09.2018
Views: 92
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Norton ES2 - 500 CC - 1952
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