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1965 Norton Jubilee Burgundy, Maroon Petrol 250L Manual

Seller notes:Excellent original condition. Prior to my purchase, this was a genuine one owner bike. I brought it back with me from the USA after living there for five years. I have had the bike professionally recommissioned with a recent MOT (six months left), even though not required. Work carried out included full front fork rebuild, new wiring loom, carburettor overhaul and all new cables. A new chain and two new tyres have also been fitted.
Colour:Burgundy, Maroon
Country/Region of Manufacture:United Kingdom
Start Type:Kick start
Previously Registered Overseas:Yes
V5 Registration Document:Present
Engine Size:250
Drive Type:Chain
Previous owners (excl. current):1
Number of Manual Gears:3
Item status:In archive   SEE NEW ADS >>>>>   

Seller Description

A fantastic Norton Jubilee, 250ccin great condition. 1965 Classic Motorcycle built to be ridden.
After living in the USA I brought this bike back with me and completed all of the documentation. The V5 is present and in my name.I have just spend over ВЈ1,500 on the bike (receipts available) ensuring everything is proper and correct. New parts include chain, tyres, complete front fork rebuild, new wiring loom, battery and all new cables. I had the bike go through an MOT, even though not necessary and it passed with no comments. There is still six months left on the MOT.Only 7,762 miles from newI am selling the bike as I am not using it and it deserves to be ridden on a regular basis.

The bike starts, drives and stops perfectly and is a joy to ride.It has the high US spec handlebars which provides a much more comfortable riding position and makes it much more fun to use.The bike is pretty much as it came out of the factory with all the expected levels of patina with the petrol tank having the original paint. The previous owner, for some unknown reason painted the side panels black!
The seat has a minor tear (see photographs) but I am including a brand new seat cover which I have not got around to fitting.
This bike has been loved.
Collection only from Gloucestershire - Payment in cash, bank transfer or PayPal

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Item Information

Item ID: 239155
Motorcycle location: Gloucester, United Kingdom
Last update: 4.11.2021
Views: 74
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1965 Norton Jubilee Burgundy, Maroon Petrol 250L Manual
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