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Old Motorcycle Sidecar. Maybe Squire Watsonian? 2 seater child/adult. For Sale

0 $
Seller notes:Sidecar only.
Extra Features:Towbar fitted
Type:Side Car
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Seller Description

This auction is for Sidecar only, and does not include a motorcycle. It is now removed from the motorbike but felt it photographed better fitted to it.
Old Motorcycle sidecar.2 seater (child/adult) guessing Squire or Watsonian and guessing early 60's ? Good overall used condition. Plastic/perspex windows, front one is hinged to make entry easier and rear one is a one piece wrap round. Paintwork is all black and isn't brill, but its a good solid sidecar. Bodywork is fibreglass with a solid steel frame/chassis.
I've used it up to last week and for few years on my old Matchless, mainly with my grandchildren. Towbar fitted (used with a cycle rack rather than for a trailer). I fully lined the inside with grey felt carpeting as it was originally just bare fibreglass matting. Decent seats, front one hinged to get access into child size seat at back, see photos. Lights will need sorting, the back seat area is also a good "covered" storage space as well.
Had our fun with it. Now someone else's turn.
Also includes an harness/seatbelt, a mixture of mountings/fittings and the original folding-frame rain cover, which is ok-ish except the side plastic windows are missing.Might be able to help with delivery at extra cost

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Item Information

Item ID: 243401
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Preston, United Kingdom
Last update: 28.11.2021
Views: 11
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Old Motorcycle Sidecar. Maybe Squire Watsonian? 2 seater child/adult.
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