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peugeot 306 gti 6

$ 417

peugeot 306 gti 6 for Sale
peugeot 306 gti 6 for Salepeugeot 306 gti 6 for Sale
Date of Manufacture:01/1998
Model:306 gti6
Engine Size (litre):2.0
Colour:Blaze Yellow
Right, Left Hand Drive:Left-Hand Drive
Car Type:Passenger Vehicles
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Fuel Type:Petrol
Number of Previous Owners:2
For Sale by:Private Seller
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306 gti6. One of the last old-school hot hatches Peugeot made. Mechanically in VERY good condition, and now a very rare car in Melbourne. Just had timing belt and new clutch installed a few months ago. Serviced with Auto Paris for the majority of my ownership (about 10 years). 
Still an awesomely enjoyable car to throw around corners and take for a spirited drive on the weekends. Not great for traffic since its not a hydraulic clutch, so heavy as shit. The torque curve for these engines is amazing and will pull hard from 3k revs all the way to the redline. Makes a great induction noise too. The engine and gearbox was based on the Peugeot rally car of the time and it shows.

Body work is straight but paint has been subject to the aussie sun, so clear coat is flaking on some areas. Roof was redone a few years ago (hail damage) so at least that bit is ok! 
Selling without rego or roadworthy, because I just cant be bothered to get one. Some things will need fixing for it, so here is a list of the issues:
First off, its COVERED in dog hair. I had a guide dog puppy in it for a year, so it will need a proper clean. Said puppy also chewed the top off the gear knob (because puppy), so that might want to be replaced since you cant see the numbers (its a 6 speed by the way).
Aircon does not work - will need a regas to see if there are any issues.
Typical french electronics - the blower in the dash has shorted. Some wires are fried. They have been identified and taped off, but that needs to be fixed. Cigarette lighter doesnt work, naturally.
The fuel filler neck has a crack and will leak fuel if you fill the tank past 3/4, so I would probably get that one fixed first! Simple job. 
Pretty new rubber on the front tyres, but they were cheap ones, so they are really shit. Would replace them too.
This car would make an awesome project car for any french car lovers, or the engine is in such good condition you could turn it into a track car and have some REAL fun with it. Would also suit as a donor car if anyone is looking to do a 205 conversion and wants a good engine for it.
Probably wouldn't recommend it for a p-plater because it is a different kind of driving experience to what most people are used to. Its just a heap of torque and heavy clutch and steering being thrown at you. It's how a car should be, but some people might struggle with it.
Selling because I bought a boring nugget of a car for a daily driver and I can't keep this one anywhere even though I would keep it for fun drives if I could :(
Im free evenings and weekends if you want to come check it out, but selling with no rego, so you will need to organise a "legal" way to get it home.

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Sale price: $ 417
Car location: Thornbury, VIC, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 9.06.2018
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peugeot 306 gti 6
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