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Rare Triumph Rocket111 turbocharged motorcycle 2004

For sale by:Private seller
Product Type:Classic, Collector Bikes
Item status:In archive

Seller Description

Contact me for serious offers and questions! This item is NOT new but a Used 2004 Triumph Rocket 3 fitted with approved turbo, with engineers certificate,Last registered inNSW 2015.... The Ultimate Power trip! Stored the last 6 years unused.... Ebay needs to update their app so used can be chosen in default! I have tried to list this rare classic Triumph as USED, but the listing wouldn’t allow me to change from new to used,please understand this. Formally part of one of Australia’s most amazing collections, assembled by Andrew Lidden esq.This superb rare classic Rocket111 was purchased some years ago now, then stored in 2014 not started since.The bike appears in outstanding condition but will require re-commissioning and offered for sale in AS IS condition, it will need re commissioning by the next owner, but is a rare opportunity to acquire an incredible example of a true Super bike! If you are game! With brain snapping performance! 0-100kmph in just over 2 seconds! Wow! She is an outstanding machine and as I have run out of room in my house, with other rare machines coming in, I actually need more room!, this wonderful classic super fast mount is a rare opportunity to acquire a rare exceptional unique machine, one of the most desirable 2000s machines made. Dont miss it! A once only offer from my personal and well known collection of rare motorcycles. Payment by bank deposit please. Good luck gang with the bidding! SteveH
Information about Norton for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Norton

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Item Information

Item ID: 168083
Motorcycle location: GOULBURN NSW, Australia
Last update: 8.07.2020
Views: 48
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Rare Triumph Rocket111 turbocharged motorcycle 2004
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