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Used 2006 Victory Tour Used Black 1634L Manual Petrol

Engine Size:1634
Start Type:Electric start
Drive Type:Belt
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Seller Description

Ref:701 2006 Victory Vegas 8 Ball 1634 cc
Frame and Documents have matching numbers 5VPAB26D************
The bike starts well and engine sound great, bike rides nice
Clutch and gears work
Brakes work
Lights and horn works
13687 miles on the clock.

Lots of nice things about the bike but I have notice the following
Looks like the bike has been dropped, tank has a couple scratched and a small dent at bottom
Both mud guards have scratches
Headlightsurround scratched
Indicators not working and one lens missing
Sensitive High and low headlight switch
The bike is being sold as it is and sold as seen
A video of this bike running can be seen on our FB page
This bike has been imported from the USA It comes with the Title registration documents to get a UK age related V5 the import duty has been paid and have the Nova confirmation
This is all you need to register the bike in the UK and get an age related plate
Ref 701
Call Richard 07748 11688nine

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Item Information

Item ID: 212118
Motorcycle location: Telford, United Kingdom
Last update: 26.04.2021
Views: 65
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2006 Victory Tour Used Black 1634L Manual Petrol
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