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rgv 250

$ 0

V5 Registration Document:Present

Seller Description

this was a full nut and bolt restoration .I used every single original bolt I could and cleaned them up .I used original Pepsi sticker logos with the r in them at a massive cost and have the proof as kept hundreds of photos and recipts .engine striped and casings vapour blasted new engine parts all new bearings everywhere on bike like wheels swing arm engine etc .fairings are completely original with not one crack on them as I painted the bike and have more photos .tank has been completely striped inside was shot blasted and sealed .the inside of the fairings are as good as the out side and the tank under neath .I have more photos the single seat I made but comes with the seat .the cover has been made with yellow on the sides and white on top to match the bike .the brakes have been striped new seals and pads all round .starts and revs out nice .the only thing that lets the bike down is it needs two front brake discs. That’s why I have not rode it as don’t want to grove the new pads .on tick over the one carb runs fuel out of breather pipe this is the o ring on the float valve does not do it reving it only on tick over the part is a o ring only .I have loads of pics of it restoring it .
Information about Suzuki for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Suzuki
it is mint and the paint work is amazing not one blemish .

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Item ID: 225432
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: glos, United Kingdom
Last update: 21.07.2021
Views: 4
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rgv 250
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