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Road Legal Quad Bike Bashan 200cc BS200S-7, Log Book Present **NO RES**

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Modified Item:No
V5 Registration Document:Present

Seller Description

2008 (58 plate )Road Legal Quad Bike Bashan 200cc BS200S-7, Log Book Present **NO RES**
Bashan BS200S-7 Road Legal Quad Bike BlueEngine Type: Single cylinder, Water Cooled, 4-strokeStart mode: electric startTransmission Type: chain driveFuel tank capacity(l): 5.5lFront tyre: 21 x 7-10Rear tyre: 20 x 10-10Gear Shift: Manual four gears and reverseDimension(mm): 1680 x 1115 x 1120
The Quad is in good condition for its age, the trims in particular are in great condition. It was working and driving, but only around the garden. It is currently NOT running. Has not been used since last summer, My winter project was to get it road worthy. I have changed various parts, however it needs finishing off as i no longer have the time.
Good Points:New Alcantra SeatRear shock/springSpeedoAir filterCarburettorVarious Trims( see photos )
Bits that will need doing:Wiring will need checking, lights, speedo, bulbs, for an MOT.Rear Tyres will need replacing, go flat over time.Front brake cable and brake handle will need replacing.Brakes will need checking for MOTFront bushes/ball joints would need replacing.General check over and Tune up.General tidy up cosmetically.
Parts and spares are very cheap and available in the uk at
Hard to find Road Registered Quads these days, great project for someone to finish off and have some fun in the spring/summer.
**RE-LISTED DUE TO TIME WASTER**Wining bidder made no contact what so ever after the auction, never even saw the Item or made any contact.**PLEASE ONLY BID IF YOU ARE GENUINE**Payment will be required within 48hrs after the auction via Pay pal, unless agreed otherwise.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
**TIME WASTERS WILL BE REPORTED**This is a project quad so will require work, I have mentioned what I think needs doing in the ad.
No offers please, no reserve auction, highest bid wins.
Log Book present is my name, prove of ownership.Collection from Fareham, HampshireMonday - Friday during business hours only, bike is stored at my work place.Collection only, no delivery.Many thanks.

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Item ID: 219283
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Fareham, United Kingdom
Last update: 10.06.2021
Views: 19
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Road Legal Quad Bike Bashan 200cc BS200S-7, Log Book Present **NO RES**
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