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Used 1980 Rolls-royce Silver Wraith II Used 6.75l v-8L Automatic Gasoline Sedan

Engine:6.75l v-8
Power Options:Air Conditioning, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
Model:Silver Wraith II
Number of Cylinders:8
Safety Features:Anti-Lock Brakes
Drive Side:Left-hand drive
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Interior Color:Navy Blue
Exterior Color:White
Drive Type:RWD
Body Type:Sedan
Options:Cassette Player, Leather Seats
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
:see description for specifics
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Seller Description

CAR SPECIFICS (note: $25,775 CAD works out to less than $20,500 USD)
Wraith II 4-door saloon.North Americaleft hand drive.Long
wheelbase 2ndseries “upscale” version of the popular Silver
Shadow. A very rare, low mileage model of a Silver Wraith II. Manufactured in
mid-December, 1980in Crewe, Cheshire, England. Dateas stamped on
silver I.D. plate on inside of drivers’ side door panel.Increasingly
prized by collectors.Only made from 1976 thru 1980. V.I.N. on this car is
#LRL-41641. A total of only 2,132 motorcars of this model were ever produced by
Rolls Royce.The VIN number also proves thatonly SEVENadditional
Silver Wraith II models were manufactured AFTER this car, and one of the last
10 of its kind ever produced, resulting in this model incorporating all of the
small design improvements developed by Rolls Royce up to this period, and prior
to the discontinuation of this model in late December of 1980. This car truly
is “the best of the last”!
Extended wheelbase version
of the popular Silver Shadow II.Car length: 207.5” (17’ 3”). Width 71”.
Height: 59.75” (4’ 11 ¾”). Wheelbase: 124” (10’ 4”).The Silver Wraith II
was considered THE top-of-the-line for Rolls-Royce during this time.Exterior color is
porcelain white with Blue piping along chrome strip.Inside
door sills and jams are very clean and tidy, and have been retouched by
owner.Back seating area is 4” longer than the base model,
providing a noticeable increase in rear passenger legroom and comfort. Used by
current owner as a bridal and wedding car the last 8 seasons.Stored in a climate
controlled,all brick facility with full concrete floor, (car
not in use). Freed from the perils of harsh weather and snow. Under
carriage is very clean! Seems to have been maintained and serviced by owners
(3). Owner #1 from Texas. Owner #2 from Florida. Owner #3 is seller. Wraith II
comes with its original jack, and owner’s operating manual.This Wraith has a
rich and complementary Navy blue leather interior. Light �amber’ burled walnut
wood paneling are original and have never been redone,and displays
a lovely grain throughout. The wood presents nicely on the back doors, and
looks like new.New owner may wish to replace front driver side wood
door strip (readily available from aftermarket Rolls dealers).Front
(right side) passenger door wood has a small crack on left side of trim,
otherwise VG condition.
EXTERIOR:White Everflex vinyl top(exclusive to Silver Wraith
II’s), presents well but with some age blemishes across the top of the front
windscreen, and 1 roof blemish.With
hand-painted fine lines to the waist-rails finished in contrasting Blue to
match car interior color.All glass, chrome and bright work are excellent.
Mid-tinted windows all round giving her a very formal look.Small rear �opera
window’, and 4 Corniche wheel covers and 4 embellishment rings.All
lights, instruments, features and functions are in working order,with all bulbs and lamps replaced and operating as they
should.The body is straight and the paint is shiny and lustrous
(as you can see from the attached pictures). Overall shiny and crisp and
presents very nicely, certainly well above average for a motorcar now 40 years
of age! To best of seller’s knowledge, car was never winter driven, so no salt
power steering. Disk brakes.Brake pumps, accumulators, valves
calipers and pads have been fully inspected.Brake hoses & lines have
been replaced with new on back wheels, system pressure tested and
bled.With energy absorbing bumpers. Whitewall Tempa Esquire AS 75-R15
radial tyres are in very good condition with plenty of tread. Shiny, aluminum hub caps (4) are same as used on Corniche, and are excellent with no dents
or imperfections.

The “slow window” syndrome, typical of the model have been
repaired with new chains on left side, with window motors cleaned and
oiled.Power antenna not working. Left driver’s side window not coming
up, needs looked in to and repaired (may require replacement motor)? Larger
wiper blade assembly and wipers needed.
INTERIOR:The leather seating is in excellent condition without any
notable marks or blemishes or tears. Finished in Wedgewood Blue throughout,
including carpets and over rugs. The original dash is very good but with top
sun damage, now covered with a matching Navy blue dash cover to prevent
additional erosion from sun. The rear window parcel shelf has been replaced and
is new.Interior back window (wooden trim) normally found on these
cars, needs replaced (available from aftermarket suppliers). Interior clock not
in working order (wiring needs checking under dash).Original push button
radio (not working – may need re-wiring as located underneath dash)).Head
lining (mid-beige) is original and in super clean condition with no water staining
or marks. Ashtrays present in “never used”
condition.Non-smoking car. The odometer shows a little over 21,650
miles (not kilometers), and, although not verifiable with actual paperwork, it
is apparent by the overall condition of the car that it is commensurate with
the car’s condition. During its 40 year life span, the car was driven LESS than
40 miles per month! Power front drivers and passenger seats, windows,
door locks all in working order.Comes with original owner’s operating manual included,
with all repair and parts receipts provided by current owner.Long
wheelbase Silver Wraith II models did not come with fold-down tray tables in
back seating area, as they would have defeated the purpose behind having the
long-wheelbase version. Only the shorter’ base’ model offered tray tables.
wheel drive. Engine: 6.75 Rolls Royce V-8. 3-speed automatic. Stability
control, self levelling all-independent suspension. Non-fuel injection (2 SU
the hood, the presentation has not been precision detailed but kept clean and
tidy throughout its life.Brake and hydraulics has been
thoroughly cleaned and flushed, fluids replaced with original (Rolls Royce)
RR-363 brake fluid. Newly replaced oil filter. New fuel pump & filter. New
diehard commercial battery. Climate control has been fully inspected (have
receipts) with complete A/C unit, compressor and custom made A/C hoses replaced
new, the heater warm, with the upper/lower air conditioning. Rolls Royce
Ballast resistor unit replaced and is new. New ignition module and coil.
Steering lower ball joints replaced new. Hose clamps replaced. Brake hoses,
front sub-frame replaced new. New thermostat and sender coolant temp. Re-built
alternator. Radiator has been removed, totally taken apart, expertly cleaned, flushed, then re-positioned with fresh anti-freeze.

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Item Information

Item ID: 208248
Car location: Winnipeg, Canada
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 30.03.2021
Views: 39
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1980 Rolls-royce Silver Wraith II Used 6.75l v-8L Automatic Gasoline Sedan
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