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Used 1963 Royal enfield Continental Used

Manufacturer:Royal enfield
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Seller Description

This bike has matching numbers according to "Buff" log book which along with last tax disc from 1993 come with it. There is also a parts book and workshop manual. Over the past year it has been completely dismantled and rebuilt with many new major parts, con rod, fork stanchions and springs, clutch plates plus numerous other parts, switches, brakes, filters, battery, springs etc.etc all receipts come with it. Most of the brightwork has been re-chromed including the original Dunlop rims. The tank has had some damage in the past hence the silver paint in place of the chrome.I've done about 200 miles on it and apart from running out of petrol, no reserve tap, no issues, all 5 gears work as they should. The speedo is showing 69000 miles, no idea if that is accurate.

Straighter handlebars would be more comfortable, but then it wouldn't look like the cafe racer market, it was aimed at.Bike is advertised elsewhere so maybe removed from sale, deposit via paypal, balance bank transfer or cash on collection.

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Item Information

Item ID: 213501
Motorcycle location: Colchester, Earls Colne, United Kingdom
Last update: 5.05.2021
Views: 69
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1963 Royal enfield Continental Used
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