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Used Royal Enfield 535 Continental GT

Manufacturer:Royal enfield
Start Type:Electric start
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Seller Description

Nice 535 with extras.Spare freshly recovered twin seatPower CommanderHitchcock, rear rack, alloy front fork cable steadies, handlebar risers and standard barsRecent Avon tyresNew BatteryNew flyscreenDisc lockTwo keysReverse cone stainless exhaustHeated gripsRubbered footpegs
Box of spare parts to include....Original drop barsExhaust
Haynes and owner’s manualAdjustable brake/clutch leversSpare oil and air filterHagonshocksHeadlight grill/peakEtcSee pics.
MOT till 15 June this yearMileage is about 13,300Couple of touched up scratches on the tank.Small smudge on front mudguard where clutch cable touches during braking.65 plateLovely runner.
Cash only.
Bike can be in North Lincs or West Yorkshire.

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Item Information

Item ID: 227368
Motorcycle location: Scunthorpe, United Kingdom
Last update: 2.08.2021
Views: 121
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Royal Enfield 535 Continental GT
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