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Manufacturer:Mv agusta
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Seller Description

“ SORRY NOW SOLD TO BRIAN “Here we have for sale my stunning 2004 f4 750 EVO3 with only 9200 miles which is the last and best one of the range, the EVO3 don’t come up for sale that often and this one is truly beautiful, the pictures really can’t show how nice this bike is it’s needs to be seen in person.It comes with all manuals, full service history, cover and stand. I have owned this bike for 2 years and only done 300miles hence why it is for sale, I have to many bikes in my collection and this one gets rode the least. I have lots more photos and a walk around video for any genuine buyers who can contact me on [hidden information].( text messages not replied to)The bike can be delivered anywhere in mainland UK for £250 by fully insured courier.Thanks for looking.Bike advertised elsewhere and may be removed at anytime

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Item Information

Item ID: 222908
Motorcycle location: LISBURN, United Kingdom
Last update: 3.07.2021
Views: 40
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